Awk word.

Posted on: Monday, June 24, 2013


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Living in a big city where public transportation is a daily must for millions of people, you come to realize that we are all sharing one giant living room. I read this article the other day and it totally explains how life is when you’re sharing it with hundreds of strangers a day.

In a place where we are so rarely alone, we find privacy in public.

This can sometimes be a very unique and eye opening experience and sometimes it can just be down right….awk to the word. Here are some of my recent experiences

  1. Getting up from my seat on the subway to offer it to an older lady when a completely healthy man in his 30s sits down instead.
  2. When my sunburned back is in the itchy stage and going into the bathroom stall at work with a small tube of lotion to help the situation, but looking totally awkward comingĀ outĀ of the stall holding a small tube of lotion. (I am sure that lady thought I had some sort of infection and was not interested in touching the same door handle as me)
  3. Having something in my purse that sets off EVERY store alarm and walking out of DSW without a purchase, but behind a girl with a shoe fetish and having the security guards pull her to the side.
  4. When the subway is packed and I am a lucky one with a seat, but an unlucky one with random strangers standing up in front of me and my line of vision is….not appropriate even if it was my husband. (thank goodness for iphones)


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