Awk Word.

Posted on: Thursday, November 21, 2013

Waldorf //

This post is gonna be a doozey… a fantastically awkward way. Top most embarrassing moments over the past few weeks? You got it!

  1. Not having my headphones completely in the jack on my phone and blasting “we are never ever ever….!” on the 9:00AM quiet subway train. Packed train of course.
  2. Not realized we had pulled up to the next platform and continuing to vainly comb my hair with my fingers in the window reflection until…”oh, hello old Asian man…..”
  3. Having some 4ft tall women wrap her body around the subway pole “like we were at a strip club” (thanks, Miley) and not knowing where to hold on.
  4. Posting a #tbt Instagram pic on a Wednesday.
  5. Man jogging behind me decided to sneak up between me and the fence silently. My arms were just a swingin’ as any good jogger does. Yep, right in the crotch. Surprised he didn’t keel over. I almost did and I wasn’t the one who took the hit.
  6. Another awkward strange man encounter. I was walking with a friend when we noticed the building across the street’s fire alarm was going off. We kept walking, but our eyes were fixed on the building. SMACK! I ran into a guy bent over –in the middle of the sidewalk, mind you! So basically, to get the whole visual, he was bending over to tie his shoes or something, legs straight, his butt hit right in my lap zone. Never have I been so embarrassed. Luckily, I was with good company and we laughed all the way to Big Gay ice cream. It made it all better.

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