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Halloween 2014

Posted on: Friday, November 14, 2014

Halloween 2014 // missblaser.com

Being the kick-off to the best season of the year Halloween has always been my favorite. Daniel was going on a bike trip to Moab on this oh so sacred holiday so I had to celebrate just me and baby. We went as a “double” scoop of ice cream. We were quite proud of ourselves. Mr. Softee got nothing on us.

Baby Blaser

Posted on: Thursday, November 13, 2014

Baby Blaser // missblaser.com

We’s be havin’ a babee. We found out in May that a little one would be joining this little family of ours in February 2015. I am now in my third trimester and I still can’t believe it. I can feel this little being moving inside of me and none of my old clothes fit, but I still can’t believe this weight gain will result in a baby… a BABY!!

In NYC we were lucky enough to find a clinic that would take us (yes, most NYC doctors are booked literally 9 months in advanced) and as a standard procedure they did an ultrasound every single appointment. Meaning we had a good idea of what the gender would be a few weeks in advanced. At about 14 weeks our ultrasound technician (one of the cutest New Yorkers I met) made her prediction that baby would be a girl. She was right. Now being back home we are going to a wonderful midwife who I couldn’t be more happy with. I’m still not sure what my “birth plan” will be, all I know is I don’t want to be numb in bed for hours and hours. We have a car now so going into labor and having to hail a taxi is no longer a worry in my mind. Sometimes I think the cats are on to us and other times I’m positive they have no idea what/who is about to rock their world. Waldorf spends a majority of his time on our laps and occasionally Statler will JOIN him meaning I have two cats and a baby for company as I marathon watch Gilmore Girls. This is going to have to change, I’m just not sure when.

Photos by the lovely: J. Taylor Photography

DSLR Essentials from Atly

Posted on: Wednesday, November 12, 2014

DSLR Essentials from candice stringham on Vimeo.

Daniel and I were lucky enough to help out the very talented Candice Stringham. She is teaching a DSLR Essentials class through Atly.com and needed a few models. This was the first weekend we moved back home and I was about 20 weeks pregnant. I wasn’t planning on having any maternity photos taken, but I am so glad we got to do this with Candice.

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