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Movin’ on

Posted on: Thursday, July 19, 2012

We have made a few big decisions as of late. First, we have decided to move into my grandparent’s basement to save some money. This decision was the result of an even bigger decision; come January we have decided to move to a big city! Any guesses what big city it is?

Market Street Grill // missblaser.com

After making such a big decision, we celebrated at Market Street Grill.

destroying  couch // missblaser.com

Then we got right down to business and destroyed our couch. Well, Husband destroyed it.

destroying  couch // missblaser.com

destroying couch // missblaser.com

He destroyed it real good.

moving day // missblaser.com

Leaving us with only one big piece of furniture to move.

cat climbing // missblaser.com

Waldorf helped us dust.

moving day // missblaser.com

I’m sure going to miss this place.

traveling cats // missblaser.com

Our cats were not so thrilled on moving day. Did you know cats pant like a dog when they are stressed? Me either.

kitten // missblaser.com

We did get one big surprise that cheered me up for the day. He was hiding in the wheel well of my aunt’s car. We rescued him and took him over to Husband’s parent’s house. They cleaned him up real good (when we got him he was gray from his hiding place). Now little sis has her very own kitten!

kitten // missblaser.com

Little sis and Lewis (kitties new name) are best of friends.

Sayulita, Mexico

Posted on: Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lancaster family vacation. Was. Perfect. Except for the whole revenge of Montezuma. It’s real people. But lets start with some photos of cats shall we?
cat in luggageStatler didn’t want us to go.

Cat in luggage 2Neither did Waldorf. They knew something was up when their humans were up before sunrise.

Beach SayulitaThis was our Mexican beach view for five whole days. Believe it.

mexican kitchenThis was our Mexican kitchen. Cook included.

Mexican front porchThis is our Mexican front porch. Yes the wall of the dinning room opened. No windows necessary.

Mexican bathroom

This was our mexican bathroom. No need for a fan with the carved cinderblock along the  top of the wall airing out the whole house 24/7 with the perfect Mexico breeze.

Beach sunsetThis is our Mexican sunset.

mexican bedroomThis was a Mexican bedroom.

stairs in mexico

These were our Mexican steps.

couple in mexicoThis is what we look like in Mexico.

Mexican buildingMexican cemetery

young loveSomeone had her eye on Husband. If she wasn’t so dang adorable I might have had a problem with it.

young love 2

young love 3Nothing like a good looking guy to carry you across the questionable stream in the road.

Combing hairDid I mention that the beach house came with a hair stylist?

combing hair 2The spit was extra.


While Husband interviewed Auntie J she caught up on her Highlights reading.

And how adorable is Auntie S reading a ‘book’ upon request by Miss Z.

young love 4“I have a secret, how about you’re a boy. And your married. And your married to me”

– Miss Z

“But I’m already married to Jordan”

– Husband

“We don’t have to tell her”

– Miss Z

Mexican sunsetThis was our last sunset with Mister C and K just enjoying one of our SIX iPads….

iPadsAnd we got a panoramic of the beach to take home with us. Now to make up a good excuse for my pathetic looking expression in this last photo. Montezuma. Don’t mess with him. I was sick for our last day in Mexico. Very. Very. Sick. Was it worth it? Yes. Yes it was.

Happy 50th anniversary to my grandparents. And thanks for letting us celebrate with you in the beautiful city of Sayulita.


February eighth and fourteenth

Posted on: Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February is a great month. February eighth is a great day. People were born on it. Those people include: Seth Green, Ted Koppel, Audrey Meadows, Jack Lemmon, Lana Turner, John Williams, and of course, Mr. James Dean. Oh and yours truly. February eighth totally rocks!

My iPhone looks especially nice on this day.

Benihana was my request and Husband did not disappoint. He never does.

He did, however, almost light the house on fire. Living with Husband is usually always an adventure.

Twenty-three candles ladies and gents. And I blew out every. single. one.

Statler and Waldorf tried to get me to share a piece with a good old fashioned stare down. It didn’t work. Birthday cake is not for kitties. Just ask Husband.

I got this cute surprise in my backpack during class on February fourteenth. A whole Moleskin filled with Valentine kind of words. Yes, Mister Blaser. I will.

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