Joe Jonas + Sister + Me = Today ♥

Posted on: Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Well it started like this:

Sister: “Did you hear Joe Jonas is going to be coming to The Roof?”
Me: “What? Where did you hear that?”

Sister: “On the radio, can you get us in?”

Since I used to work in the same corporation,  I figured it was worth a try. I contacted some people that I knew, and the answer I got was…no. “This will just not do,” I thought. Luckily, my favorite Roof manager just happened to be working today. So I left a quite convincingly bright pink note on her chair, and a few hours later got a ring. She said she talked to the vice president and even he said that I could not go in, but if I just happened  to be in the back kitchen I’d probably see him pass by as they snuck him down the service elevators.

So this was our plan:

For Sister to meet me around the time of his arrival, put on name tags, be pretending to chop something in the kitchen and maybe get a glance at him as he walked on by.

This is what actually happened:

As I was walking from my new office to the JSMB (Joseph Smith Memorial Building) I happened to go through the parking lots (they are connected). According to the information I was given, Mr. Jonas was already supposed to be there, but luckily for me I saw the vice president talking to a bunch of boys in the stairwell. I KNEW this had to be them. I casually walked around to the service elevators and stopped to get a drink at the too convenient drinking fountain. I took a sip…I think…and stood up just as Mr. Jonas himself was walking towards me and turning a corner. We made major eye contact. Believe it. As soon as he was out of sight I ran to the lobby where Sister was waiting for me to get off work. As I was coming out of the service room I see the cutest blonde girl in complete shock of what she had just seen. I asked her, “Did you see him?” and all she could do was nod her head. There is a good possibility that before I reached the stairs she had burst into tears. I ran to Sister, panting and eeking out “just seen him”. I put on my old manager name tag and convinced another employee to lend Sister hers, and we were set.

We went to the 9th floor to see if my favorite Roof manager was there. She was. She gave us the green light and took us to the Roof restaurant where we enjoyed the interview that had just started. He answered questions from the radio contest winners and of course they were all girls. The questions were pretty regular and his answers were coy, what is kinda expected in any interview being recorded. Then it was time for the photos. Roof Manager told me to take off my name tag and get in line! So we did. We were one of the last ones and this is how it went:

Mr. Jonas: “I saw you in the hall earlier”

Me: “…yes…yes you did. I don’t work here or anything” *sarcastically*

Mr. Jonas: *laugh*

Me: “shhh don’t tell anyone”

At least I think that’s what I said…you don’t realize how much of a goob you are until you are in front of a celebrity. He signed pictures of his new album cover for everyone and that was the end. I am still on cloud nine. Husband doesn’t mind too much….I don’t think….

Mr. Jonas with Mr. Pedro the Roof Chef.

A picture of us with Mr. Jonas is on it’s way….

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