The time I met Adam Brody…

Posted on: Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Adam Brody // Look at my grinning mug.)

So I met Adam Brody last weekend. I told him he was nice. Remember when I met Joe Jonas and I was extremely awkward? He wasn’t even my celebrity high school crush.

Adam was promoting a new film he is in called Life Partners that is being shown in the Tribeca Film Festival. His wife Leighton Meester, my other celebrity crush, is one of his co-stars. She sadly couldn’t be there because of her role in Of Mice and Men, but we made due.

In the small moments we got to see his personality he seemed to be a lot like his character Seth from the O.C. Adorable, awkward, self-deprecating, and charming. There were maybe 80 people there and most, I’m guessing, were scholarly and were there for other reasons than making their high school dreams come true . . . then there were the 15 of us that were just there to make our high school dreams come true. Poor guy, he will always have his entourage of O.C. die hards that follow him to the ends of the earth. Daniel does not think this is something we should pity him for.

Once the Q&A was over the heard of 15 girls swarmed him. I wasn’t going to do it. I try to play it cool around celebs, remember? But luckily my trusty friend Gabi gave me the courage to get in line and get a photo with him. The Apple employee was a little annoyed at the gaggle of girls (he was just jealous) and was going to cut us off. Adam told him it was fine and he would take photos with all of us and that is when I said, “oh you are so nice.” or something…. I felt it was well deserved. Poor guy just got off an airplane (note his messy hair) and probably just wanted to see his wife, but instead had to take photos with girls who have had pictures of him in their bedroom for the past 10+ years.

And again, just incase some of you didn’t listen when I first posted about my obsession with O.C. here is the storytelling genius Ira Glass to back me up on how great the O.C. was.


Queen’s Flushing Park

Posted on: Friday, April 11, 2014

Flushing Park //

Queens Flushing Park // NYCmap_MissBlaser

Remember how I said we are tourists on the weekends due to the fabulous weather of ANYTHING-ABOVE-40?! Well last weekend we hit Queens. Hit it real good. Flushing Park was the home of two world’s fairs. The most important one of all being 1964 when Walt Disney nearly got his whole park from the exhibits. Just to name a few…It’s a Small World, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, the dino diorama you see on the Disneyland Railroad, and the carousel of progress.

The park has definitely seen better days, but they have a museum with a giant diorama of all of NYC. I’m talking down to the color of the buildings. We even found our building on it! I’m not sure when it was made, but it was pre September 11th. This was definitely my favorite part. They even had mini planes landing and taking off from LaGuardia via fishing lines.

For dinner? We thought Flushing would be a great place to grab a bite of pizza, but apparently Flushing is a larger form of Chinatown? We were overwhelmed. So we went back to our favorite neighborhood pizza. Nick’s. 


Brooklyn Transit Museum

Posted on: Thursday, April 10, 2014




I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but it has been really cold here. Basically the weekends became a game of how can we avoid going outside at all and move that space heater closer! Now that it has finally reached normal-human-exhistance temperatures we are outside come rain or shine. Two weekends ago it was “come rain”. We thought the Transit Museum in Brooklyn was a good thing to check off our list.

We took the subway to a museum about the subway. You enter the museum like you would a subway stop. It was looking a little lame at first….I thought I was going to really be annoyed that I spent $7 to look at an old abandoned subway station. Then! Downstairs they had all the cars lined up on the platform with a plaque explaining the year each car was used. SO COOL! 1930s era was my favorite. (Photo of Daniel in one above.)

The designs were so great. GREEN paint with WICKER seats?! Totally on trend. All the vintage ads were really great too. Though, I can’t imagine riding those babies with only fans to cool me. And in stockings?! Nuh uh.

After the museum we headed over to the famous Gramaldi’s. The rain seemed to keep the crowds away. Usually this place has a line out the door. Best pizza in the city so far. I am still dreaming about it. And still kicking myself for not ordering a cannoli. Guess we will just have to go back.

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